Friday, February 15, 2013

Ogre Army complete

This army is the first full army I have painted to this standard. I have done many other armies, both 40k and Fantasy, but never spent so much time on each model.

It was enjoyable to paint such varied textures and explore the possibilities of each model. My eyes have been opened to the world of Fantasy and I am tempted to collect an army of my own at one point. I went with a fur trappers/hunters theme and therefore sculpted on cloaks and pelts of fur, as well as accessorising with knives, trophies and skulls.

The bases were given a treatment of slate pieces and a crushed slate/sand mix. They also feature grass tufts which I made myself and will be selling as a product of Ferrus Workshops in the very near future. The skin was an experiment combining airbrushed basecoats, layers of washes, glazes and thin highlights in order to create a windswept mountain ogre feel. The rest was standard stuff like wet-blending, washes, highlighting etc. I used some of the new GW paints and washes on this army and was pleasantly surprised. Mephiston Red covers like a dream, the new washes are just as good as the old ones and all the paints now smell rather nice.

Anyway, on to the pictures:


davetaylor said...

Welcome back. Sorry to hear about the Crohn's, but glad you are getting back on your feet. These Ogres look great, especially the Firebelly.


Apologist said...

Gorgeous work – the smoothness of application and colour balance is fantastic across the army. I guess it just goes to show quality is worth waiting for! Glad to hear that your Crohn's is affecting you less now. I hope we can look forward to more armies of this quality :)

Evan said...

Thanks! I am really proud of the army and wish it was mine.

I have been really busy lately but many things are being worked on including a craftworld/exodite army. I'll be able to upload pics soon.