Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Death Korps of Krieg Army - Winter scheme

This is a commission I have just finished for a very patient client in Australia. I've been trying to get it done for 5 months but mother nature had something to say. A very shallow 6.6 quake, many thousands of aftershocks and a broken house later I have finally completed them.

The client wanted a winter scheme. The infantry have only been issued with white winter coats; they wear normal fatigues underneath. The tanks would be grey but have been whitewashed and seen much action. I used the hairspray technique for this.

The models required much work to assemble but are totally worth the effort. Many were repaired after a significant aftershock knocked them to the floor!

I have built a light box and experimented with daylight fluorescents. Still getting a handle on taking good photos. Let me know if they are up to standard.

I will be working on a tutorial of how to do the weathering and painting of white very soon.

Anyway, comments and critiques are highly appreciated!


Command Squad

Commander and Banner

Platoon Command Squad

Krieg Platoon Banner and Plasma Gunner

Autocannon Teams

Autocannon Teams Close-up

Autocannon Teams Close-up 02


Engineers 02

Mole Launcher Team

Quad Launcher Crew

Quad Launchers

Death Korps Infantry

Death Korps Infantry 02

Death Korps Infantry 03

Death Korps Infantry 04

I'll post the Vehicles and Rough Riders tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Probably extremely late but still I'd like to say at least something.

The photo's are of good quality although it would be nice if they were a bit bigger.

As far as the paint job goes, I'd say that they look great. I like the differently filled bases (thus dislike a lot of uniform (or exactly the same) bases. Especially the engineer with the wire strapped to his back.

Overall they look good.

Anonymous said...

Some of the models have a red eye lens and a green eye lens? 3d goggles?

Your stuff is really nice.