Monday, April 12, 2010

Priman Factory Scene

Here are some photos of a diorama I recently completed for the 2010 NZ Model Railway convention held here in Christchurch.

It combines the factory miniature I made a year and a half ago for my film project and is a test of sorts. I wanted to enter something into the competition and it was a good way of trying out some new techniques I had learnt.

The diorama is in 1:48 scale and features a scratch-built Guardsvan from styrene, the Austin is a converted Tamiya kit and the figures are mostly sculpted from scratch.

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davetaylor said...

What a cool post-Apoc scene! I like the simplicity of it all (it's uncluttered is what I mean), and I think the weathering on most things looks cool.

My only suggestion would be that the engine and caboose look too clean. I'm not saying they need to be all banged up and Mad-Maxified (it's a word, I'm sure), but they could do with a few layers of grime, in my opinion.

Great stuff though, how'd it do?


Evan said...

Thanks Dave, always great to get your feedback.

The guardsvan/caboose is a little too clean I agree. I ran out of time before the competition. It'll get an airbrush treatment of dust etc. The loco is just there to show scale. It hasn't had any work done at all yet. Here is an image of what I am going to do to it:

weathering example

I got a Bronze award for the scene which I am pretty proud of. I found out that in the competition a small but very detailed scene does better than a large less perfect one. Winning was not the aim though. My aim was to give the other modellers something to think about; Not all model railways have to be modelled on history or a prototype!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a great entry to the competition - I think it deserved more than a bronze ! But as you say, that's not the way things were judged. I've often thought of doing a Fallout/Mad Max type of scene in a railyard, so yes, you acheived your objective in giving modellers something to think about.