Friday, July 23, 2010

Warrick the Wombat

A project I finished a couple of months back; to realise the creative vision of Mark Kolbe. It was a challenge and I had great fun doing it. It was hard to capture the stockiness and strength of the wombat and put it into a humanoid form. He has interchangeable heads and each one had to portray a different emotion. Not an easy thing to do with a wombat. I soon realised quite a lot of the emotion comes from the eyes.

He was sculpted in Super Sculpey and then moulded with RTV silicone. I cast in easycast urethane. Had some issues with bubbles; next time I will have to use a pressure vessel.

Anyway, lots of things learnt from the project and I'm happy with the outcome. If I ever get another go I reckon I can do a much better job, especially at the casting stage.

You can see some of Warrick's first adventures here:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Priman Factory Scene

Here are some photos of a diorama I recently completed for the 2010 NZ Model Railway convention held here in Christchurch.

It combines the factory miniature I made a year and a half ago for my film project and is a test of sorts. I wanted to enter something into the competition and it was a good way of trying out some new techniques I had learnt.

The diorama is in 1:48 scale and features a scratch-built Guardsvan from styrene, the Austin is a converted Tamiya kit and the figures are mostly sculpted from scratch.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Dark Angels

Here are pics of some Dark Angels i completed recently: